Party Recap

My daughter wanted a Minnie Mouse party and since she never had a party at Chuck E. Cheese, she figured the mice could unite and enjoy her 7th birthday celebration.


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Guest passengers ate pizza.

  • What People Drank

    Guest passengers drank punch and fuel (Coca Cola)

  • Desserts

    Guests had cake, cupcakes, and themed cookies for dessert.

  • Party Favors

    Guests received their party favors at the baggage claim that consisted of the following items: Minnie Mouse Tote bag; Gingerbread Train Kit; Conductor Hat; Train Whistle; Chews Candy, Choo Choo Chewing Gum; Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows; Minnie Mouse Cup; Chugga Chugga Mini Water; Pink and Black Bandanas; BLOW OFF SOME STEAM Bubbles, Train Whistles, and Blowouts.

  • Activities / Games

    Conductor’s Race in the Sky Tube; Toss the Coal in the Hole (Ski Ball); Ticket Booth fun for the birthday girl; and a variety of other games.


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