AIT CAMP @ FORT AHUWALIA, Home of The 7th Armored Birthday Division

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Party Recap

The concept evolved from the idea of calling the party venue -FORT AHlUWALIA, Home of The 7th Armored Birthday Division.
I designed a logo for the party to give it a more Armed Forces like feel which was incorporated throughout the decor, activates and party favors. Created banners to spruce up the boot camp environment. The Drafted Soldiers received personalized evite and were informed about their upcoming deployment.

Upon arrival all the RECRUITS followed the check-in procedure and received their uniforms - A green colored personalized tee with their name on the back and Fort Ahluwalia printed on the front. They also received a bandana and a wrist bands. All the kids were divided into two teams –
Team Alpha and Team Bravo.
They started with warm up exercises – jumping jacks and pushups. The drills that followed were designed around Strength, Endurance, Obedience, Precision and Team Work. They all showed great interest & enthusiasm doing the drills, be it the obstacle course – complete with jumping the hoops and crawling through the trenches, or the Tug of War. They showed some muscle power knocking the “Can Tower” in one go and precision technique while target shooting.
The Birthday Cake was made in the shape of a Fort. All the food items were also named with military terminology to coordinate with the theme. The center of attraction was my little creations - The Chocolate Bazooka Guns. The recruits were served in personalized water bottles and drink cups incorporating the theme and the age of the birthday boy. I kept the dinner simple with pizza as the kids did not want to waste any time eating and wanted to get back to the exercises.
We ended the drills with “A String Attack” on the birthday boy which he thoroughly enjoyed. The worn out soilders cheered their loudest when they received their “Deployment Certificates” at the end of the training. Even though they went home with a Ration Bag full of yummy edible goodies but the compliments are still coming my way.



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    Jennifer S wrote:

    I want to know how did you get those water bottle labels??

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    Panache Events wrote:

    Jennifer, Both the water bottle and the Platoon Punch labels, I made them myself. If you like you can check out my Facebook page here: or Thanks.