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Aidan's 7th Birthday Experiment

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Party Recap

Exciting science party featuring 'Mad Scientist' birthday cake, test tube jellies, blackboards and decorations filled with scientific symbols, 'radio active' party favour boxes, clipboards with pencil and 'observation sheet' to capture the parties unique test results - science goggles and ID tags for each guest and so much more!

The children's party table also featured a riot of organic balloon table runners with science photo props scattered throughout, science party tableware including a beaker drink bottle and crazy straw for extra fun! Two tables were set, one for the older children and one for the littlies with table and chairs more suited to their stature.

A local party entertainer was recruited to carry out some 'mad scientist' type experiments - the children each took their sciency clipboards and observation sheets (and their goggles!) and had so much fun for over an hour, participating in various science experiments, followed by another hour or insane balloon twisting. Literally anything the children could dream up was twisted into a balloon in just minutes! This day was so much fun for the children who left with party favour boxes filled with science favours, and a fun 'build your own molecule' game out of lollies and toothpicks, goggles, cake and tummies filled with loads of fun treats from the dessert bar.


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Sushi, salad wraps, sausage sizzle, lolly bar, cupcakes, test tube jellies, chocolate brownies, popcorn, candy apples

  • What People Drank

    Water and various fruit juices

  • Desserts

    Mad Scientist Birthday Cake, Jelly, Chocolate Brownies, Lollies, Cupcakes, Candy Apples, Popcorn Cones

  • Party Favors

    Build your own molecule lolly set, science notepad, tattoo, packet of chips, science goggles

  • Activities / Games

    2 hours of entertainment provided by Rock Sloth - science experiments and balloon twisting.


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