Party Recap

Adam loved the movie Grease! Our party was complete with a Car Hop Relay, Bubble Blowing Contest, Hula Hoop Hoopla and we finished it off with Photo Ops and Ice Cream Bar! We had a Great Day!!


Party Highlights

  • Best Dressed

    Everyone, they all tried to come dressed in 50"s styled clothing, and even if they didn't they still had a great time!

  • Desserts

    My first attempt at making a theme cake was not as easy as planned, I made a record. The icing was so black that the kids ended up going home with purple teeth.

  • Activities / Games

    Car Hop Relay - Teams ran around a "car hop" obstacle course which they had to pick up french fries(cheese's) put them in a holder, Hamburgers (squeaky dog toy) wrap it up and pour a Malt, with a straw. Put it all on a tray and get tothe finish line with out dropping or spilling anything!! BUBBLE BLOWING CONTEST: Each child was started with one peice of Double Bubble, smallest 3 bubbles were removed. We added another pc. of gum. again smalled 3 bubbles were removed. This when on until the final kids had 5 pc. max. The winner received a Large jar of DOUBLE BUBBLE GUM! and the satisfaction of being the BUBBLE KING! HULA HOOP HOOPLA - Who could Hula Hoop the longest without losing the hoop! NICK WON!

  • Best Moment

    ICE CREAM BAR - All the kids made their own Ice Cream Sundeas, with all the topping they could think of.

  • What People Ate

    We served the traditional Hamburgers and Hot Dogs, we included French Fries!!

  • What People Drank

    Our attempt at making the kids Root Beer Floats was a bust...they all thought that they were DISGUSTING!!!

  • Most Touching Moment

    Our Photo Op Station, this gave us the opportunity to have great pictures taken of all the guests and how much fun they had! We used the photo of each child to make our Thank you cards.

  • Funniest Moment

    Watching the kids pull Bubble Gum off their faces.


    This was one of the parties that I did that inspired me to go on and 10 years later decide to open up my own Theme Party Planning Business. I will be up and running in a few more weeks! I could not be more proud!



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    I am having a problem with the pictures not showing up! I am going to re-submit them and see if that makes a difference! Dee

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  • Denise S

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    This one of my very first attempts at hosting a Theme Party! It was a huge hit. Who would have thought 10 years later I would be running my own Theme Party business! Cheers

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