Party Recap

I ordered colorful cupcakes to match the colors' theme and bought cupcakes cakes with black and white pattern on it. I put the cupcakes on top of the separate stacking block and served as a pedestal

Almost clueless, I suddenly had an idea to put the cutouts letters from the activities table and had them glued to the toppers. It creates a 2D effects.

The glue and felt decoration were put separately in a bowl, the first bowl filled with letters, the second is for ice cream shaped like a single scoop, and it has pink (strawberry), cream(vanilla), green (green tea) and brown (cappuccino) and the third one is for toppings. It has mini apples, cherry and sprinkles. This activity was a hit of the party, children like it and what make me more satisfied was that a mom and her child team up to create the bag. For the children who did som drawings earlier, I heat transferred their drawings using iron. So in one side of the bag they have felt decoration with ice cream and topping, the other side they have their drawings. These bags were also served as a favor bag!


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