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A Pirate's Birthday Bash

Holly  D By Holly D  in Birthday


Party Recap

Every pirate needs a ship & the birthday boys Dad built one special for the party! Dressed in pirate garb once they arrived the boys had a ball & the ship was a hit!As the kids arrived, we gave them their "swag bags" (gift bags) first. These contained eye patches, earring, red handkerchiefs, and pirate hats & everyone put their things on so they were in the part!


Party Highlights

  • Desserts

    chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting

  • Activities / Games

    We decorated pirate chests for their treasure & then went on a treasure hunt! I made up clues that took them all over & at the end, they found the treasure chest

  • Best Moment

    When the boys started chasing the birthday boys Dad & he was into it as well. Totally unexpected fun!

  • What People Ate

    fuit kabobs & dip, skull & crossbone shaped PB&J's & goldfish

  • What People Drank

    Red Kool Aid

  • Getting ready for the party

    I had a lot of fun making up the invites (which we hand delivered) and Dad had a ball making the pirate ship! We put a lot into this party, and it was totatlly worth it! The kids were in awe!



  • Robin H

    Robin H wrote:

    Maaaannnn.... I kinda wish that I would have seen these pictures before MY pirate theme birthday party!!!!! =(

  • Robin H

    Robin H wrote:

    You rented a pirate ship?? =)

  • Robin H

    Robin H wrote:

    That is such a cute idea!! =)

  • Holly  D

    Holly D wrote:

    Awe, thanks Robin! Isn't that always the way!? I love planning my son's birthday's & literally start 9 - 12 months before the next birthday. I know, I'm a little crazy! I'll have to check out some of your party themes! I need to post his 2nd bday, Sesame Street & his 3rd was dumptrucks. SO fun!!

  • Holly D

    Holly D wrote:

    Just got an email with your comment asking if we rented a pirate ship. No, my ex husband actually made it from refrigerator boxes. I found the idea on a blog somewhere & have a neighbor that was able to get me boxes. So, I presented him with everything he would need & lucked out that he didn't balk too much and did it!