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Harrison's 6th Birthday Party

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Party Recap

What a fantastic day Harrison had with his friends. I had so much fun creating this party for his 6th birthday.
Harrison chose the theme this year, but knowing he doesn't like anything scary, I decided to not use the skull and crossbones anywhere in his party. His favourite colours are orange & blue, so this is what I based the decorations around.

Food & Styling:


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    The kids ate Berry'd treasure, Peg Legs, Parrot Food, Hawaiian Islands, Sea Dogs & Cannon Balls followed by cake and the dessert table food. Adults had a bbq lunch.

  • What People Drank

    Bootleg Ale & Sea Water

  • Desserts

    Gold, MacArghons, Lost Treasure, Anchors Away, Captain Cookies, Cake & Cupcakes.

  • Party Favors

    All the kids were given a treasure bag filled with pirate booty.

  • Activities / Games

    We had Peggy the Pirate there to entertain. We had face painting, Pass the treasure, Pin the patch on the pirate and a few other fun games.

  • Budget




  • Kari J

    Kari J wrote:

    Would love to feature your parties @!

  • Kat M

    Kat M wrote:

    Hi Kari, Please include a link back to my FB page. Cheers, Kat :)

  • Enny V

    Enny V wrote:

    Hello I would like to know where you find the bags for the kids ??

  • Kat M

    Kat M wrote:

    Hi Enny, I bought the calico bags from Etsy. I put the image ion them myself.

  • Enny V

    Enny V wrote:

    Thank you so much !! I appreciate if you can send me the link ! I would like to buy this for my baby first birthday party. !!

  • Kat M

    Kat M wrote: these are the ones I purchased.

  • Enny V

    Enny V wrote:

    Thank you !