A Party Animal Zoo 2nd Birthday Celebration

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Party Recap

This past weekend was a wild one! We celebrated Easton’s 2nd birthday with a bright and bold Party Animal zoo celebration! It was a roarin’ good time!!

I really wanted the theme of Easton’s party to highlight several of his favorite things. First and foremost, he loves all animals. He is also a huge fan of bubbles, coloring, music, and wearing hats and sunglasses. So after I thought about all of his individual interests I quickly came to the conclusion that a Party Animal theme would be perfect!

After deciding on the theme, I knew I wanted the overall “feel” of the party to be bright, bold, loud, and fun! I imagined what it would be like if a bunch of animals at the zoo actually threw a party…then I tried to bring that to life.

See full blog post, with all party details, here: http://www.justaddconfetti.com/birthday-party/welcome-to-the-zoo-easton-is-two-party-animal-celebration/

I created the large zoo animals cutouts using engineering prints. This DIY project was overall very inexpensive and really not that hard to create.

First, I had each of the animals printed as large engineering prints at Staples. The elephant, zebra and lion were each just a single 36″x 48″ printed sheet. The giraffe, since he was so tall, required 2 sheets.You can download a FREE printable of the large animal cutouts, here: http://www.justaddconfetti.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/JustAddConfetti_LargeAnimalCutouts.pdf. I was amazed at how nice the printing quality was for such an inexpensive cost. The paper is very thin, so I then glued each printout onto white foam core that I got at the dollar store. The last step was to hot glue dowel rods to the back of each animal so I could stake them into the ground. So all in all, each animal came out to be about $12 each. Not bad at all!!


Party Highlights

  • Desserts

    The dessert table was definitely a bit of a sugar rush! We loaded the table full of fun candies, cookies and an amazing, wild cake. Bella Christie and Lil Z’s Sweet Boutique, of Pittsburgh, PA, did an absolutely incredible job on the cake. They are so talented and their cakes are so delicious! I sent them the invitation as well as individual graphics of the “party animals” that I designed and I can’t believe they matched the lion and elephant so perfectly for the top of the cake. They also created the matching cookies of all of the animals. They are truly outstanding!!

  • Party Favors

    IT WAS PANDAMONIUM! But it was such a fun day! Crazy fun chaos! Each of our little party animal guests took home a new panda bear stuffed animal as a party favor to remember the day. I couldn’t resist letting Easton have one too! They were all so excited when they approached the kid’s table and realized that the panda sitting in their spot was for them.

  • Activities / Games

    Ok, full disclosure, I love a good pun. haha! So when I saw that these pink flamingos could also double as a ring toss game I couldn’t help but “put a ring on it”! We also made fun elephant masks at the party. Easton loves to color so I had to make sure his special day incorporated crayons in some way too.


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