Party Recap

My husband, J, is the "cheesiest" guy I know! I threw him a "cheesy" birthday party to celebrate his humor. In lieu of gifts, I asked guests to bring a "cheesy" one-liner or their "cheesiest" joke.

We feasted on a "cheese-tastic" buffet which included "cheese" fondue while the movie, "Mouse Hunt" played in the background. The "Cheesiest" Tournament followed with three rounds of "Mouse Trap." The winner was crowned "The BIG Cheese!"

The evening ended with the cutting of the "cheese" cake and well wishes for our guests..."May the "cheese" be with you!" It was a night filled with "cheesy" puns and lots of laughs!


Party Highlights

  • First To Arrive


  • Last to Leave

    Marcus and Jessica

  • Most Fun Couple


  • Life of the Party


  • Best Moment

    When the kids realized it wasn't a cake made of "cheese!"

  • What People Ate

    "Cheese" fondue...and all things "cheese!"

  • What People Drank

    "Cheesy" Punch

  • Best Gift

    "Cheesy" Jokes

  • Funniest Moment

    The guest of honor reading the "cheesy" one-liners and "cheesiest" jokes!

  • Worst Gift

    "Cheesy" One-Liners


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