Party Recap

Giorgia's 8th Birthday Party. We do all our parties in our home (small townhouse) It's supper crowded but we eat good food and lots of sweets and the kids seem to disappear upstairs for a good portions to play in my daughters room which gives us adults a space to breathe. lol.


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    THE FOOD Arabic-ish style food. I felt I couldn't go very authentic since I was dealing with a lot of children. So let's just say it was Arabic inspired. lol. Just check out the Chalkboard Menu below for the items. The kids couldn't get enough of the Arabian Rice and Aladdin's Mac & Cheese. It was a heavily carb filled spread but it was only one meal. The homemade Hummus turned out fantastic. As a matter of fact, Giorgia and I have continued to make it on a weekly basis. She even can do it all by herself!! .

  • What People Drank

    Jasmine Tea and Genie Juice.

  • Desserts

    The Sweets Table It's not a party without a Sweets Table. Princess Giorgia is front and center surrounded by her jewels and Middle Eastern comforts. We had Golden Lollipops, Almond Cookies, Lots of Crunchy Popcorn, Butterscotch Candies, Bindhi Brownies, Treasure Chocolate Coins and Jasmine Cupcakes! I love the camels and Middle Eastern Buildings that Giorgia and I made

  • Party Favors

    BINDHI'S I handmade all of the Bindhi Jewelry. I have to say that it was so fun. I totally did not think it would actually turn out! Much to my suprise, they came out GREAT! It really added to the party atmosphere. I wish this was traditional American wear! (They were attached with eyelash glue) Handmade Jasmine Necklaces for the girls. Hair ties Bath Gel

  • Activities / Games

    Don't know where the photo is but they all made beaded ankle/toe shoes.


Party Helpers

  • Me, myself and I. Sometimes my mom is in town to help.



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