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7th Heaven Themed Party for a 7th Birthday Party

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Party Recap

Twin girls and their guests were in 7th Heaven at this incredibly dreamy birthday extravaganza Send In The Clowns Events modeled after a Pop-Up Museum. The 7th Heaven party featured 7 interactive,magical areas that included unicorns, mountaintops, a mobile candy store, a custom dance floor, a 50-foot pool of balls, luxe craft stations and a rainbow tasting station.

The girls were feted in advance of the birthday festivities with a dreamy heart, rainbow and light-filled indoor installation that arrived several days ahead of the event and later served to spectacularly greet guests at the entrance to the party.

Climb Every Mountain. A custom 7th Heaven logo – inspired by the number 7 - doubled as a lightning bolt and arched above the multi-colored, tented interactive activity stations and the impressive mountain climbing inflatable.

Ride the Unicorn. Guest enjoyed a unicorn ride around the gorgeous property as one of the incredibly magical party options.

Don’t Grow Up. It’s A Trap. Slime stations. Bath bombs and bow/bowtie-making. Cookie geodes and custom cotton candy. Childhood at its best!

Like A Kid In A Candy Store. A mobile candy store to satisfy the sweet tooth in everyone. The Pool Of (SEVEN thousand) Balls where guests could use watermelon rings to float through a sea of pink, white and golden balls.

Taste The Rainbow. An interactive juice bar with over-the-moon jewel-toned drink dispensers and healthy, fresh-squeezed juice concoctions.

Seventh Heaven. A retro neon sign with angel wings served as the perfect Instagram wall.

Live Art Wall. Guest were encouraged to dream in color with this inspiring, over-sized coloring wall that doubled as a keepsake for the guests of honor after the party was over. These are a few of (their) favorite things. A party poster wall with nods to all things loved by the birthday girls!

The Heaven on Earth Lounge, complete with cloud and rainbow pillows, boxwood ottomans and golden poufs.

Wall Of Fame. Guested flipped over this interactive Sequin Flip Wall that shimmered from white to gold. Inspiring, other-worldly desserts. One for each birthday girl!

Cloud Mine. Take-home party favors in customized drawstring bags with theme-inspired hang tags to remind guests of their 7th Heaven experience.

A final note. Personalized, on-theme notecards helped to conclude the perfect day in 7th Heaven!


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