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50th Medical Party

Victoria L By Victoria L  in Birthday


Party Recap

Party was to celebrate a 50th birthday with 'hints' to aging and getting older with a medical theme



  • Nicole Salena G

    Nicole Salena G wrote:

    Really cute party.

  • Sweet Soirees

    Sweet Soirees wrote:

    I LOVE this party!!! So creative!

  • Desiree J

    Desiree J wrote:

    Too cute! What a great idea for someone turning 65, a "Medicare" party! :D

  • Sarah E

    Sarah E wrote:

    Love this party! The thermometers and medication cups are genius. You can tell you had a ball creating it all!

  • Nadia W

    Nadia W wrote:

    I loved your party!

  • no photo

    Rosalind H wrote:

    Where ever did you find all of the supplies, and the different foods?

  • Victoria L

    Victoria L wrote:

    @Rosalind H : I found the candies at a bulk candy store and some at grocery stores. The jello, oreos and pretzels I made myself. As for the jars and plates I had them on hand. The white medical case is from my kids toy dr. kit.

  • Deborah S

    Deborah S wrote:

    what is the red cross made of?

  • Victoria L

    Victoria L wrote:

    Hi Deborah. I cut them out of red fondant.