Party Recap

Having an April baby...it has rained every year on his birthday so we have to have plan B. The day of this party it was storming big time. We had to push all the furniture back and use the open space to play. It was "fun". This was a LOT of DIY and totally worth it! I try to be very frugal. This party cost us less than $100.


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Birthday Boy requested marshmallows, cheese balls, cantaloupe & grapes. Mommy added a couple different types of chips, some other fruit and some veggies

  • Desserts

    Mommy's "Best Lemon Cupcakes"

  • Party Favors

    Everything LEGO~bubbles, crayons, coloring book, chocolates. Also had pretzels & cheese. All inside a lego fry box

  • Activities / Games

    The rain hindered outdoor activities! Indoors we had "Create A Face Lego Head", "Pin the Head on the Lego Man" and then the kids just played with toys the rest of the time

  • Budget

    Less than $100


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