15th Birthday Party / Theme: Sailor Moon

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Party Recap

Hello Jillian, how are you?
I would like to share with you one more of my work as an event advisor. A 15 year old party full of female empowerment!

Full name
Birthday Girl Name: Ketlin Silva
My name (event advisor / Birthday Cousin): Vitor Aleixo

Party date and city
The event was held on November 9, 2019, in the city of São Paulo in Brazil.

Chosen theme
Sailor Moon.

What did you use as inspiration?
When I started working with Ketlin, we already had in mind to do something that was geared towards female empowerment. I already had the Sailor Moon anime as a theme, but I wasn't sure she would accept the idea. After I told the story of the anime and about female representation, Ketlin started to become interested and excited. Days later, she was already super involved with the theme and chosen.

Why did you choose these colors for decoration?
The colors chosen were based on the anime and its protagonist Usagi, Serena / Sailor Moon, in Brazil. The character always used some pink and gold detail, and the playful elements of the animation, helped a lot to compose the decoration and the personalized sweets of the party.

For you, what were the highlights of your party?
Without a doubt, the big moment was the opening of the ballad. The girls rehearsed an electrifying performance for 3 months. To the sound of Ddu-Du Ddu-Du from the BlackPink group, the girls gave a breathtaking presentation.

How was the ceremonial?
There were no dolls or shoes exchanged involved in the ceremonial. Ketlin opted for a waltz with their friends, and of course, with their father, who was slightly moved.

What did you offer as souvenirs to the guests?
The guests won mini jars with treats, something very common in the anime of Sailor Moon, because in the episodes there was always a character eating sweets.

Advisory and Project: Vitor Aleixo: https://www.instagram.com/vitoraaleixo/
Decoration: Vitor Aleixo, Letícia Morais and Karla Regina
Space and Buffet: Terraço das Orquídeas: https://www.instagram.com/terracodasorquideas/
Personalized Sweets: Marisol Chocolates: https://www.instagram.com/marisol_chocolates/
Photography and Filming: Nilson César: https://www.instagram.com/newartfotoos/
Party favors: Aline Almeida
Choreographers: Bianca Carvalho and Victor Michael
Florist: Margarida Flores e Decorações: https://www.instagram.com/margaridafloresedecoracoes/?hl=en
Event Art: Designer Everson Sena: https://www.facebook.com/blackever.esc
Personalized Stationery: Spaço Arts: https://www.instagram.com/spacoarts/?hl=en
DJ: Eventos Aguiar: https://www.facebook.com/EventosAguiarSP/
Furniture and Collection: Cake Fake: https://www.instagram.com/cakefakesp/?hl=pt-br
Invitation: Velox Invitations: https://www.instagram.com/veloxconvites/?hl=en

I hope you like it and can publish it on the site.
Vitor Aleixo


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