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Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

About Savannah Moon Creations

Hi! My name is Tracy, I'm a wife to an awesomely supportive husband and mom to the sweetest, funniest and very busy 3 year old son. I'm also a graphic designer and photographer based in Johannesburg South Africa.

My background in both of these art forms makes my work fresh and funky. My approach is to add just the right touch of creativity and design flair to make your personalized artworks sparkle.

Having said that, the more time I engage with my toddler on his busy daily adventures, the more I realise that I can create beautiful designs for him. For his birthday parties, bedroom walls and school books, lunch box, sports equipment and more...

I'm constantly getting ideas for party themes, Christmas decor colour schemes or something I'd like for a gift or my home; but then I face the dilemma of hours of endless walking through party stores and craft shops; and they never have exactly what I envisioned!

So I end up creating it myself, and each time I create something special for my son, my friends or family ask if can I design their kiddies party invitation too, or where I got the ever so cute labels from. So here I am ... ready to share my love for personalised design with you and your family.

“My passion for design goes back to memories of playing with clay and water colour paint lessons in my early primary school days, then loving high school art class and the Art Foundation in Saxonwold in the afternoons.“

My graphic design training began 22 years ago after high school, where I studied Graphic Design and Computer animation.

Many years spent practicing as a graphic designer have honed my skills and love of line, texture and colour, which I infuse into all my designs and photographs to create the maximum impact.

My passion for photography was a hobby started 17 years ago while working and residing in game reserves and capturing the wildlife and natural beauty of the South African bush. Now it's one of my life loves, along with design and of course my wonderful husband and gorgeous son.

I have a Diploma in Graphic Design and Professional Photography and belong to a local photographic society where I share my passion with like minds.

My photographic specialty is Children's Birthday Parties and Family Lifestyle Photo shoots, as well as creating custom designed photo books.