36 inch Snowflake Balloon - Blue and White - Onederland - 3 foot Snowflake Balloon - Winter Wonderland - Giant Round Balloon - Snowflake

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This Winter Wonderland listing a high quality decorators Balloons. Decorate For a Onederland Birthday, Winter Wonderland Baby Shower Balloons, Winter Bridal Shower or Wedding with this beautiful bouquet.

Listing Includes:
1- 36” Printed Latex Snowflake
**Clear with white snowflake.
Or Blue with white Snowflake.


*Keep in a cool place for the best quality of the balloon, extreme heat or other weather conditions will affect this product.

*This balloon can be inflated with helium or air. (When inflated with air the balloon will not float.)

*DO NOT over inflate balloon or it will pop.

*This balloon doesn't include string.

*The balloon is being sent flat and deflated.

*You can take balloon to your local party store or super market to have filled for a small cost.

We can create custom orders within our shop, look forward to new and creative arrangements coming soon!!! IN THE BALLOON SHOP THE OPTIONS ARE ENDLESS!!!

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#chicballoonboutique #creativecompany #makingmemories #naplesballoonsHelium Quality is necessary to float balloons, We do not suggest Pink Canister Balloon Gas, Chance if floating failure may occur.