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White paper plates with a gold foil rim are perfect for an elegant party setup. Glamorous and posh paper plate set that amazes through its simplicity. Turn any party into an elegant gathering with a beautiful table setup. Makes a great choice for the holiday season, for Christmas celebrations, and for the New Year’s Eve party, but it is perfect for any kind of celebration. As it is such a simple but luxurious style, it is great for weddings, bridal, birthday celebrations, engagement, and any other white-gold party theme.
When organizing a party the secret to a successful party hides in the details, so make sure to amaze your guests with a modern and unique table set up. Made from high-quality, and eco-friendly paper, while having a great time you will also be environmental friends. Since you'll be busy hosting, this disposable tableware will make clean up quick and easy, and responsible.

✨ Gold rim white paper plates
✨ Available in sets of 6, 12, or 24 plates
✨ 7in plates, great for main course and dinner serving
✨ Gold foil edge
✨ Please note, these products are not microwave safe
✨ Disposable tableware makes clean-up quick and easy!
✨ Environment-friendly, disposable tableware