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Get ready to SCREAM but in a girly way! Whatever you are a huge fan of the movie, you love this iconic mask, or looking for a pink but horror Halloween decoration, this balloon is the right choice. Inspired by the movie, the black balloons are customized with the terrifying scream mask and paired with pink and red confetti-filled balloons, that will give this decoration an instant girly touch. Halloween is about spooky decorations but it is also about what you like, so decorate with scary but balance it with cute pink. If you would rather pair the screaming mask with another color, we offer you the option to choose what best suits your style.

Perfect for horror movie lovers, and if you are planning the perfect Halloween haunt, these balloon bundles will make for a wicked good time! The scream balloons will perfectly match with the grim reaper, ghost, death, haunted house themed balloons, or throw the perfect horror movie night and decorate with these balloons. The balloon bundle will make a great table ornament, floor decoration, entryway décor, or a cool photo prop to capture the spookiest moments of your event.

👻 Halloween ghost movie theme design latex balloons
👻 Choose from just our 11" Scream print balloons OR one of our 14 color mix balloon bundles!
- Color mix bundles have an even distribution of balloon colors
(Example: A 10pc set of Color Mix #1 includes an even distribution of 5pc of each balloon style/color)
👻 Available in sets of 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, or 20 balloons
(Confetti balloon mixes are only available in sets of 10pc or more)
👻 Includes 36" matching balloon ties
👻 Balloons come un-inflated
👻 Balloons may be filled with helium or air
👻 Balloons shown in the photos are filled with helium (*fill with helium to float)
👻 To fill with helium use a personal helium tank (can be purchased online or at a party store) OR take them to be filled at your local party store/supermarket
👻For more details on balloon float times, check out our Helium Balloon FAQ pages, found in this listing's photos.

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