Wedding Table Number As Bottle Hanger Tags Rustic Kraft Paper Brown White Script Text 1-10 Labels Seating Arrangement Bottle Hanging Tag

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Customize your wedding with a practical table centerpiece that doubles up as unique table numbers. Table numbers from 1 through 10 printed on a brown kraft paper with white script text and turned into wine bottle tags. The beautiful, rustic tags can go on bottles that later your guests will use or can be hung on a vase or other narrow and tall table centerpieces. If you don’t have a huge free space on the table these tags will be a great choice, as once the guests sit down they can open the drinks but until then It will be a practical table number that will help with the seating arrangement.

The bottle tags can be attached to any kind of bottle, while most often they are added to wine bottles, you can use them on champagne, water, whiskey, and any other kind. Although designed as wedding tags they will be a great touch for engagement, anniversary, and even vow renewal parties. Make your wedding unique and personal, and surprise your guests even with small details.

🍾 Table numbers as bottle hang tag
🍾 Kraft bottle hangers with white text
🍾 Text around opening: “drink for love”
🍾 Each set includes 10 pc – tables 1 through ten
🍾 See photos for a depiction of dimensions
*Please note: sets are pre-made and numbers cannot be changed or added. We only stock # 1-10.

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