Commercial License for Mujka Chic Digital Download Products

Mujka Design Inc. By Mujka Design Inc.

Product Info

ONE TIME Commercial License for SMALL BUSINESS
Unlimited sets coverage! Once you purchase this license, all your past and future graphics purchases will be licensed.

This license allows you to use our graphics within small business outlines and you do not need to credit Mujka.

If you do not wish to purchase a license, all uses require crediting MUJKA wherever you display or sell your product. Example crediting: " GRAPHICS BY MUJKA"

This license is for small business only and not for Mass production, Wholesale or Large Retail. If you are selling more than 1000 copy, you are not a Small Business.

If you require one of these uses, please contact me for other licensing options.

You will receive a digital download License document stating your Order and Name for future proof of this purchase. Please print and save this document for your records.

This license does not grant any copyrights.

All rights reserved MUJKA CHIC 2005 -2019
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