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Paper Dot Party Spot By Paper Dot Party Spot

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Turn out the light and flick on the the black light to see the fluorescing power of these neon poster board star garlands! You won't believe the glow power of these colorful strands! This is a super fun, whimsical and inexpensive way to dress up a black light/neon party. These 2" stars have been sewn together with strong, quality thread. You can select the length you prefer, and you can purchase as many as you need to get the desired look. Hang them dangling from the ceiling or strung vertically across the wall...they will make your guests ooo and ahhh with their glow power!

This listing shows several strands hanging side by side. The price listed is for ONE single strand in the length you choose.

NOTE: These are NOT glow-in-the-dark garlands. These garlands are made from neon card stock that fluoresces under black light. You will need a black light to get the look in the first picture.

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