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Want to try some free printables? Access the free printables library here >>>>

For all things planning, visit my blog:



1. Purchase a digital file (PDF), download and then print endlessly for your personal use.

2. After payment has cleared (I do not recommend paying via e-cheque as these take a few days to clear) you will be sent an automatic email with a link the page where you can download your files. There are instructions on your order receipt for accessing this download page if you haven’t received the email.

3. Download the files (note that you can download files up to 3 times within 30 days before the download links expire). PLEASE download and save/backup the files after downloading as download links cannot be reset!

Due to file size, more products are in zipped folders - please ensure your computer can open zipped file folders before purchasing. There are no refunds if your computer cannot open zipped file folders. Need help unzipped a file folder? See this blog post

4. The printables are now yours to print endlessly for your PERSONAL USE! You can print any page as many times as you need (unlimited)

PLEASE NOTE: Personalised items (any items where you are required to select a colour, is monogrammed or personalised such as binder covers and personalised stationery) is sent within 48hrs of payment clearing. If you forget to include your customisation/selections this will delay processing. If you forget to specify necessary information when checking out, please convo me with your order number (on your receipt) and the item you purchased, as well as the personalisation info.


All printables in the shop can be resized to any size you like - A5, half letter, 7 x 9", personal size, TN, a specific planner size etc. In your printer menu go to page size and choose the size you want (or enter the dimensions under 'custom' page size). Then select 'fit to page.

Refer to the photos above for screenshots. Full tutorial in this post from my blog:

I also include 2 copies of each design in the PDF so you have the option of duplex printing.


Please see this post from my blog for printing tips/instructions:

To print the pages there are a few options:

– Print them at home using your own printer (you can print the pages in greyscale/black and white if you prefer). I have found ink cartridges are much cheaper when you buy online e.g. through Ebay or an online store (I have also purchased through Inkstation and highly recommend them) compared to a retail store. I’ve purchased ink cartridges from Ebay for $3 per ink cartridge (buy the non-genuine ink cartridges, they have the same print quality and I have not had problems with my printer) compared to up to $30 in a retail store or Woolworths ect. (I live in Australia)


– Purchase printed copies through online print websites e.g. BestValueCopy


– Take the files (e.g. on a USB) to your local office supply store to have them printed e.g. Staples, Office Depot. You may want to download the print release form available from the AllAboutTheHouse website:
Most office supplies stores also offer finishing and binding services e.g. laminating binder covers, spiral binding, comb binding and will do this for just a few dollars

* I recommend printing covers onto cardstock for durability and/or laminating before binding



I recommend discbound systems (I use the ARC system from Staples however a cheaper alternative is Happy Planner). Discbound means you can add, remove and rearrange pages as often as you like.


When a printable chevron planner set states that it is EDITABLE this means:
– When you open the PDF file there will be light blue boxes where you can type in your information (this will NOT remain light blue when printed).
– You can still print and hand-write on the sheets (the blue boxes won’t appear on your printed copy)
– The fillable font is helvetica in black
– The checkboxes are not editable. The sheets are intended for filling out on your computer and checking off by hand
– For copyright protection, the layout of the documents, including existing text, pattern, colours and font style cannot be changed
– Cover & dividers in the planner sets are not editable



There are 2 styles of printable planners in the shop:

1) Chevron planners (come in 6 - 7 colors)
2) Minimalist planners (come in rainbow & black and white)
3) Simple planner series (comes in 6 colors)


1) THE CHEVRON PLANNERS - the expanded, updated version of the simple planner series. Most of the sets in this series are available in 7 colours: light blue, dark blue, grey, pink, purple, green and black. These are huge planner sets with almost anything you can think of relating to a type of planner. There are 22 sets to choose from and you can purchase them all for one low price here:

Most of the chevron planners are editable and available in 6-7 colours (black, pink, purple, green, light blue, dark blue and grey).
- Finance Set (only the dark blue version is editable)
- Budget Binder (updated & expanded version of the finance set)
- List Makers Kit (editable version available for all colours)
- Travel Planner (editable version available for all colours)
- Meal planning (only the green version is editable)
- Cleaning (only the pink version is editable)
- Home & Inventories (editable version available for all colours)
- Craft & Hobbies
- Business Planner
- Blog Planner
- Direct Sales Planer (editable version available for all 7 colours)
- Party Planner (only the hot pink version is editable)
- Health & Fitness
- Calendars & To Do Lists (only the purple version is editable)
- Student Planner
- Teacher Planner (editable version available for all colours)
- Important Info (only the black version is editable)
- Binder Cover Set
- Moving Planner (editable version available for all colours)
- Garage Sale Planner (editable version available for all colours)


- Checklists:
- Notes:
- Annual Planners:
- Weekly overview:
- Monthly notes & planning:

Shop all in this collection here:


- Business Planner
- Finance
- Meal Planning
- Important Info
- School Planner
- Cleaning
- Contacts (available in the mega household binder set, convo me if you would like to purchase only this set)
- Inventories
- Craft & Hobbies
- Time Planning
- Home (available in the mega household binder set, convo me if you would like to purchase only this set)
- To Do Lists
- Health & Fitness + Personal Set
- Party Planner
- Blog Planner



There are many discount bundles available to save you $$$. See

The chevron planners can be purchased at discounted prices in the following quantity combinations (if you do not like the existing bundles, want to purchase a set in more than one colour or all colours for a discounted price etc.)

Choose 2
Choose 3
Choose 4
Choose 5
Choose 6
Choose 8
Choose 10
Choose 12
Choose 13
Choose 15
Choose 20

Planner Sticker Discount Bundles
Choose 5
Choose 10
Choose 15
Choose 30

If you want to purchase one of the bundles above more than once (i.e. quantity 2, 3, 4 etc.), please purchase via separate orders/transactions. If you purchase quantity more than 1 this will register as 1 item e.g. choose 5 sticker bundle purchased 3 times will register as choose 5 not choose 15 (5 x 3).


I sell printables only. Printed versions of the planner stickers are available in my sister's Etsy shop, CarefullyCraftedbyJo (she also has washi tape!)

I live in Australia, most of my customers live in the USA or Europe and shipping is very expensive and takes a long time! I conducted a poll on my blog and most of the feedback was that customers would not be willing to wait the amount of time it takes to deliver mail from Australia to the USA, nor pay the expensive shipping costs charged by Australia Post.

Printable means I can offer the designs at a cheaper price than printed items and, once you purchase the file/s you can print the pages as many time as you like for your personal use! All of my products are very affordably priced and on top of that, printables are like the gift that keeps on giving!



I am currently not accepting custom orders however you're welcome to email me with suggestions.

I have an ecourse where I teach how to make printables



Please see the blog FAQ & Printing tips:

Planner Sticker Discount Bundles
Choose 5
Choose 10
Choose 15
Choose 30


Refer to shop policies for further information:

There are no refunds on any products in my store due to the digital nature (i.e. cannot be returned). Please read product descriptions carefully to ensure the product you are purchasing is a product you want as there are no refunds for change of mind.


See this blog post