Shavuot Puppets - Shavuos Craft for Kids - Full Color and Color-in Finger Puppets for Jewish Holidays

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Celebrate Shavuot with a kids craft based on a popular Midrash about the selection of the mountain for the giving of the Torah!

G-d was looking for a mountain to give the Torah on. All of the mountains started boasting “I am the tallest, I am the prettiest, I am the widest, the Torah should given on me.”

But humble and simple Mt Sinai thought he wasn’t worthy because he wasn’t powerful and beautiful. G-d chose humility as the trait he wanted in a mountain to give the Torah on. He made flowers, grass and trees grow to make it beautiful for the big day.

These puppets include the full color version AND the color-in version. The color-in puppets are also available for free for subscribers here:

Print on card stock, color, cut or assemble.
Or print the full-color version, cut and assemble.
Includes a transparent background PNG as well that can be used with your Cricut to Print then cut.

Does not include paper, printout, coloring tools, etc.

For the Book of Ruth puppets:

For more Jewish and Bible coloring pages, crafts, and more:

Note: I treat my art like art! That means that you may see some imperfections as would be expected in anything hand-drawn. I hope you can love and appreciate it like I do!

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