Handcrafted Tea Nest Loose Leaf Tea Infuser | Perfect Tea Party Gift

Plum Deluxe Tea By Plum Deluxe Tea

Product Info

Handcrafted out of sustainably harvested American cherrywood, this tea nest style loose leaf tea infuser is the perfect way to impress guests at a tea party. The nest sits on top of a teapot, or individual mug, with a well-porportioned mesh infuser to steep your tea. It is paired with a cherrywood spoon for measuring out the tea, or use it for a honey spoon. (Infuser is availble by itself.)

This design is unique to Plum Deluxe Tea - we call it the "love and magic" series as the hearts, moons, and stars will inspire toughtful conversation.

And if you're looking for a delightful gift for mother's day, a birthday, or for your favorite tea party hostess, this gift will shine.