Moth Away Sachets -Set of Six- Filled with Natural and Organic Herbs and Spices-Favors-Gifts-Home Care

Belle Savon Vermont By Belle Savon Vermont

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These cute little unbleached muslin drawstring bags are filled to the brim with natual goodness!
The moth-away sachet comes with a selection of non-irradiated, natural and organic herbs and spices including cedar,lavender and much more!
I make these in very small batches when you place your order so they are fresh and effective.
Moth-Away deters the critters from your drawers,closets and other spots in your home and smell great too! Time to pack up your sweaters for the season??-toss one in!
Each unbleached bag measures 2.75 X 4 and filled with over 1/2oz( .5oz) of herbal bliss!

six favors
♥ great for favors♥