Metallic Circles or Stars

Dazzle & Lace By Dazzle & Lace

Product Info

9" metallic Mylar foil circles with scalloped edges (unless otherwise noted in variation list). Each package contains 25-50 circles of ONE color (unless otherwise noted in variation list). Package quantities are noted next to each color selection. Great for creating dazzling Christmas party favors, sparkling centerpieces and glamorous gift packaging. Other details:
1. The clear circles have a design printed on them. These circles have a smooth edge.
a. Dot - confetti like design with pink and turquoise.
b. Black - black dots
c. Red - red hearts
2. The small size circles are only 6 1/2" wide with a smooth edge.
3. The gold/black is two sided, one color on each side.
4. There are some 8 point star shapes, too. Noted in variation. 25 per pack.

Message us if you are interested in us making the party favors or decorations using these circles. We will quote a price for the finished products.