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No matter the type of Valentine’s day celebration red heart balloons are a must-have. Celebrate with your partner, friends, family, throw a huge event, any or all of these, the red hearts cannot be missing. The large heart balloons have a red ruby color, although they are plain they are elegant and stylish. Display them on their own, pair them with other balloons, banners, or different Valentine’s day decorations. You can find in our shop all that your need.

The romantic love balloons can be used in many different ways. Use it as a balloon bouquet or pair it with flowers and surprise your loved one. Makes a perfect choice for Valentine's and Galentine’s day decoration, venue entryway, centerpiece ornaments, love backdrop, or even as a fun photo prop.

❤️ Large 16" Red Heart Latex Balloons
❤️Available in sets of 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, or 20 balloons
❤️ Includes matching color balloon ties
❤️ Balloons come un-inflated - may be filled with helium or air
❤️ Balloons shown in the photo are filled with helium (*fill with helium to float)
❤️ To fill with helium use a personal helium tank (can be purchased online or at a party store) OR take them to be filled at your local party store/supermarket