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Are you looking for BIG decorations that will cover a large amount of wall space and make your party guests say, "WOW!" Then look no further. These jumbo-sized circles are sewn together with heavy duty thread and, when hung from the ceiling, make great wall decor, or a great photo backdrop (see first photo to see coverage). The sizes of the circles are 7", 5" and 3".

NOTE: The price listed is for ONE SINGLE STRAND. This listing shows 5 strands hung side by side.


You will need a black light to make these garlands "glow." They do not glow on their own. They fluoresce under black light and look like the pictures 1 and 2. By regular day light or indoor lighting, they look like pictures 3 and 4.

The 1.5-foot strands consists of one set of three circles (one 3", one 5" and one 7").
The 3-foot strands consists of two sets of three circles (two 3", two 5" and two 7").
The 4.5-foot strands consists of three sets of three circles (three 3", three 5" and three 7").
The 6-foot strands consists of four sets of three circles (four 3", four 5" and four 7").
The 7.5-foot strands consists of five sets of three circles (five 3", five 5" and five 7").

I use neon fluorescent pink, green, yellow, orange, and white posterboard and card stock. The white glows blue under black light.

These will make your guests say, "WOW!"

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