Hanukkah Puppets - Printable PDF COLOR-IN Coloring Pages Puppets for Chanukah Story and Traditions

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Some fun Hanukkah puppets to tell over the story of Chanukah - along with coloring page guides that explain the puppets!
Great visual aid for teaching about Hanukkah, with accuracy in the Hebrew lettering, and as much as possible in the historical aspects.

This is the full bundle including both traditions and story characters.
You get 1 multi-page PDF file including:
* 1 introductory/cover page with instructions
* 1 page explaining the traditions puppets. This page is colorable too.
* 2 pages with two puppets each: Latkes and donuts holding hands, Hanukkiah (menorah), dancing dreidel, and flask of pure olive oil
* 1 coloring page explaining the gist of the Hanukkah characters' roles in the story
* 2 pages with two puppets each: Antiochus - the evil ruler who outlawed Jewish practice with the penalty of death, Yehudit (Judith)- the brave widow who cleverly saved her entire village from siege and certain death, A Maccabbee - either Matityahu - the father of the Maccabim or Yehudah (Judah) Maccabbee, and Yochanan Kohen Gadol - one of the primary leaders at the time and champion of the miracle of the oil.

THE SECOND IMAGE SHOWS THE PDF PREVIEW of the cover, including thumbnails of all the puppets and the explanatory pages.


* I sketched the concept in pencil until I was happy.
* I scanned it and drew over it using my Surface Pro.
* I configured the best sizing and layout and put together the guides.

Now it's your turn: print on cardstock, color, cut out, and glue onto craft sticks!

Note: I treat my art like art! That means that you may see some imperfections as would be expected in anything hand-drawn. I hope you can love and appreciate it like I do!

**This is an automatic digital download (fulfilled via Etsy)- you get one 7-page PDF file in 8.5x11 - letter- size**


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**Important to note**
Due to the variations between display colors on your monitor and print colors, you may see a slight variation in color when you receive your download.