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My Original Creation of adding Pink to Halloween Garlands :) Perfect for any Ghoul Gang!!!

You can make your own SpOOky Backdrop! With our Complete Kit, you can put together this Super Festive Balloon Garland that makes a wonderful statement piece! Perfectly sized to fill a wall for over a Cake and Present Table, a Scary Photo Booth Area or a Creepy Table Centerpiece for your party!

All of the Latex Balloons are included in the kit to make the Balloon Garland, it may look intimidating, but it really is simple to put together. You can hang in a straight line on a wall or curve it to make more of an arch!

Included in each kit:
* An Assortment of 11 Inch Latex in Black, Pink, Black Marble, Clear Bat Latex Print and Ghost Face 1 Sided latex
* An Assortment of Mini 5 Inch Latex balloons in a mixture of Black, Pink and Mini Black Eyeball Print
* An Assortment of 16 Inch Latex. (2 for 6 and 8 Ft Garlands. 3 for 10 Ft and 4 for 12 Ft Garlands)
* Balloon decorating strip
* (1) Dual action hand pump (1 PUMP PER ORDER)
* Easy to follow step by step instructions.
******Option to add on BOO Script
******Option to add GHOST