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Paper Dot Party Spot By Paper Dot Party Spot

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You won't believe the glow power of these 15-foot colorful strands! This is a super fun, whimsical and inexpensive way to dress up a black light/neon party. These 2" and 1" dots have been punched from thick fluorescent posterboard and sewn together with strong, quality thread. They are super durable and can be used over and over again, which is especially great when you have a couple of kids and can reuse them for another glow party!

Each strand is 15-feet long. So you can drape it all around the walls or cut it into shorter strands that you can hang from the ceiling.

Please note that these garlands do not glow in the dark on their own. You will need black lights to make them glow. Under black light, they fluoresce like crazy and make the room magical!

The strands can be hung any which way you want. Hung vertically from the ceiling, they look like the first picture (credit to Brandon Otto Photography). Picture two shows you a close up of the strands hung horizontally against a wall as they look under black light. See the other pictures for ways people have hung them for their parties. The look is spectacular, and you will have the coolest party on the block.

A few pictures show the garlands by daylight. White dots reflect better under the black light and show up blue. However, if you are not using black light for your party and are simply doing a neon party, you may want to have me replace the white for blue dots (see picture 5). The blue poster board that I have also fluoresces, but not as strongly as the white. Just let me know if you prefer the blue instead of white when you order. The cost is the same. You can see how they look, and even order from the link here:

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