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If you are planning a flower theme gender reveal party, then our flower petal gender reveal confetti poppers are the perfect way to get everyone involved. Hidden pink flower petals for a girl and hidden blue flower petals for a boy, with the bi-line: “Roses are red, violets are blue, we know the gender, and soon you will too!” To use, simply lift the lid, hit the bottom with the palm of your hand and the gender is revealed!

🎉This listing is for one (1) push-pop.
🎉Confetti mix is made up of eco-friendly dried flower petals.
🎉 Each end is filled with a mix of ivory flower petals and hidden inside is either:
FOR A GIRL: a mix of pink flower petals
OR FOR A BOY: a mix of blue flower petals
(pink/blue petal types may vary based on seasonality)
🎉The push-pop's label covers the gender-themed colored confetti so that the gender is not visible until the push-pop has been popped!
🎉Label reads: "Roses are red, violets are blue, we know the gender, and soon you will too!”
🎉BIODEGRADABLE and ECO-FRIENDLY as all confetti is made from biodegradable dried flower petals.

🎉 How do I use a confetti push-pop?
Confetti Push-Pop Instructions:
1. Remove plastic shrink wrap before use.
2. To fully maximize the “pop” of your confetti, hit the stick upwards using the palm of your hand; similar to “serving a
(*Remember, these are manual push-pops, they are not compressed air/spring loaded - the more force used, pop you get.)
3. Have Fun!!
4. Don’t forget! All our confetti push-pop containers are reusable, and food safe! So save them and re-fill, or use them for fun party foods such as dessert parfaits!

If you would like to have different text or design on the label, you can add-on a “custom label design” to any order here:

For custom theme/color confetti, please contact us using the “Request a Custom Order” link above and we’ll be happy to make the perfect push-pop for your event!

If you need a rush order, please contact us PRIOR to purchasing so we may confirm availability and any additional charges.

We 💗 to see and share our amazing customers enjoying our confetti!

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