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Robot Birthday Party Printables

We have some free Robot Birthday Party Printables for you to print out. We have Robot Food Cards that you can print out and prop up next to your creative food items that you made. We also have Robot Cupcake Toppers and Robot Flag Bunting Banners for you to decorate with.

There is a printable Robot Board Game that you can print out on card stock. This is the 5th link down. You will also need to print the "Robot Cards" out too, which is the 2nd, 3rd, 4th link down. Just print the Robot Cards out and cut them out. There is 3 different sets of Robot cards. One is blank so that you can fill in your own words. Use coins as the game pieces for the players. You will need some dice. The kids will roll the dice to see who goes first. The one who rolls the highest goes first. Then have them roll the dice to see how many times they need to move their coin. If they land on the number that say's Robot Card then they will need to draw one of the Robot Cards that you printed out. You could laminate those to help them hold up better. Just follow what the card say's to do. Which ever player gets to the end first wins the game.