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These images are perfect for a wide variety of projects, such as: scrapbooking, greeting cards, digital stickers, embroidery, cookie decoration, educational activities, classroom decorations, and more... the possibilities are endless!

This product is a DIGITAL ITEM and a Standard Commercial License for it is included with your purchase (see more info below).

This set of graphics includes:
-16 Images in JPG format and PNG format with transparent background (32 files total).

The resolution of all the images is 300 DPI and they are watermark free.

JPG and PNG are very common formats and can be opened with any program that allows you to work with images.

These graphics are original, easy to use, created with love and are ideal for the projects you seek to put your heart into.

----->Send me a convo to request a sample!

You can find more about the “Permitted uses” under “Policies” section.

This item is offered as an instant download: once the order is placed and the payment is confirmed, your files will be available to download.
For more information please click on this link:

These graphics can be used for personal and commercial purposes. In all cases you need to follow my terms of use.

The standard licenses included when you purchase this item are:
-License for personal use: Any personal project in which no profit is made.
-License for commercial use: If you have a small or home-based business, you can use any of the images you purchase in my shop in your products to sell (see permitted uses and restrictions in the policies section). With this license it is necessary to give credit to my shop with the words “Graphics by Pixel Paper Prints”. Credit needs to be placed in your product description, on the same page as the product in an easily readable fashion.

IMPORTANT: DIGITAL STAMPS can always be used for personal projects, however, when used for commercial purposes they need to be sold as part of the design of a PHYSICAL product and cannot be sold as they are (see definition of “as they are” above).
The only exception in which digital stamps can be used for digital products for sell is when you create educational material. As is the case with all products from Pixel Paper Prints, digital stamps need to be sold as part of your own composition included in your games and activities that are created only for educational purposes.

-License for commercial use with no credit required: If you want to use my graphics in your products and you do not wish to credit my shop you need to purchase this permit. One license needs to be purchased for every set of graphics for which you do not want to credit my shop. The cost of the no-credit-required license for most of my products is $20.
-Mass production license:
This license includes all of the benefits from both the standard and extended licenses and eliminates the 1000-piece reproduction restriction. You need to purchase this license if you intend* to sell more than 1000 products using one or more elements from a single set of graphics as part of your product design (physical and/or digital). For more information on this, check out the section “Permitted uses” under “Policies”
All the licenses are non-exclusive and non-transferable.

That depends on the project you want to create, but here is a list of some popular options:
-Adobe Photoshop /Photoshop elements
-Gimp (you can download this one for free at: )
-Microsoft Publisher
-Microsoft Word (only for basic compositions).
-LibreOffice (Writer is a free alternative to Word).

If this is the first time that you are working with this type of product, I will be happy to help you as much as I can and I’ll be glad to guide you towards any tutorials online that might help you with the project you have in mind, but I hope you can understand that it is not possible for me to offer training in the use of these graphics and such service is not included with your purchase.

Not sure if these files would work for your project? Send me a message to request a sample!

Please note that these files are not in vector format, so when using with a cutting machine, you won’t be able to separate each color to cut, but they can be easily used for “Print and cut” options. If you have any questions about this, please contact me before purchasing this item.

I hope that you understand that due to the nature of the products, I can’t offer you a refund or exchange. Nevertheless, you can contact me if you have any comment or problem with your purchase and we can resolve it together.


By purchasing a product from Pixel Paper Prints you agree to follow the Terms of Use specified in the description of the purchased item and in the policies section:

Pixel Paper Prints artwork cannot be shared or sold with as they are (See definition of “as they are” in policies section) under any circumstances.

The same terms and conditions are applied to the items you receive as gifts from me or my shop and/or freebies that you receive as part of a special sale.

DMCA, International and U.S. Copyright laws and conditions related to them must be always obeyed even if you don’t make a purchase in this shop.

All copyrights remain with Belen Martindale/PixelPaperPrints
All rights reserved to PixelPaperPrints