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You must leave all details on your order. Please make sure you have made a decision on every detail prior to ordering! We can’t accept changes or addition via messages. We receive to many messages each day to connect all the messages and orders.

This shirt is the perfect photo keepsake shirt for each year of your child's school.

Scroll through photos to see the patterns and examples.

You can also see our cute little customers modeling their shirts and see examples of the pattern and color options, here:

📚Graduation year, vinyl pattern, outline/grades color and name in our font or your child’s handwriting (if desired). Please put in the “notes to seller” section at checkout. Leaving these details out will delay your order. We can’t guarantee any changes via messages after you order. Scroll through pictures and decide what you want before you order.

📚 We personally recommend an adult large or XL for the handprint option. You may find the tight medium for the later years. Please note: this is not a child’s shirt. It’s an adult shirt that you grow into each year.

🍎Graduation guideline:

Class of 2035: Entering Pre-K Fall of 2021
Class of 2034: Entering Kinder Fall 2021
Class of 2033: Entering 1st grade Fall 2021
Class of 2032: Entering 2nd grade Fall 2021
Class of 2031: Entering 3rd grade Fall 2021
Class of 2030: Entering 4th grade Fall 2021

❤️We have several options when purchasing. The “front” option includes only the front of shirt. “Front/back” includes front and back(grades). Please pay attention to this when ordering.

✂️You can choose the colors. We have several gingham options, floral options, lilly inspired, glitter and solid vinyl as well. Message us to discuss colors, if needed. We will allow two colors - patterned and complimentary color.

📝We can add your child's name to the front in their handwriting. This does require you to send us a picture of their name in thick, black marker. You can message via Etsy. You must reach out to us immediately upon ordering to let us know that you will be sending. If you do not send within a few days, we will use our font and ship. Communication is very important to help us ship timely.

*****If you do not message us regarding this, we will use our own font for the shirt. You do not have to message us at order time with the image, but you MUST indicate on the order that you are planning to message us! If it’s not on your order form, we can’t guarantee. *****

📚We can add each grade to the back of the shirt. We will start at kindergarten, but you may request to add pre-k. Please make sure to choose this option in the drop-down box when checking out. We cannot clarify with every order.

Each year you will use paint to add their handprint. Please remember to put cardboard in the shirt to protect. Please get permanent paint in the event you need to wash it. We recommend acrylic or fabric paint, found at most craft stores or craft sections at Walmart. We aren't responsible for the paint choices. In addition, we can’t be responsible for the amount of space in comparison to your child’s hand as they grow. We feel the space is adequate for the average person and you will be pleased, but we do not issue refunds due to this.


We designed the back for you to use their right hand for the shirt and placing it even with the grade level to ensure you can squeeze them all on the shirt.



For this shirt we are using a plain white unisex adult t-shirt.

We use high-quality vinyl and a professional heat press for our products. Proper care will ensure your shirt will never crack or peel.