Class of 2023 Graduation Party Silverware Utensil Flatware Bags Pouches, Custom Colors

6 Elm Designs By 6 Elm Designs

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These cute utensil bags are perfect for your graduation party! They easily fit 3 pieces of silverware and a napkin if you like.

Please choose a color for the 2023 and we will be happy to print them. If you do not select a color the color shown will be used.

Bags are 10"T x 2 3/4"W. They can easily hold three pieces of silverware and a napkin. 15 Bags are the minimum.

Contents not included, there are no refunds or returns on items.

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PLEASE NOTE; Silverware will fit down into the 10" bag and will likely NOT be exposed at the top of the bag as shown in the pictures. The pictures are to illustrate that these are utensil bags and not how the utensils will fit into the bag. If you would like them shorter let us know we can print the design farther down on the bag and trim them for you.