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The Cassette Tape Mixtape Night Light Lamp is the perfect gift for that music lover in your life. Or that someone who will see the cassette tapes and be taken back in time to nostalgic memories of decades past. Great conversation piece. Perfect touch for any man cave. This is a plug-in style lamp. Color options are red, green, white, blue and color-changing. The color-changing cycles slowly from one color to the next. There is an on/off switch at the back base of the lamp. Standard U.S. plug.

If you are looking for battery-operated CENTERPIECES for a party or event, please visit the "battery operated" section of my shop for a wide selection of centerpiece options:

I have the ability and inventory to create unlimited quantities for the largest events. Again, please visit to view the selection of battery-operated centerpiece options.

As the ORIGINAL creator of the Cassette Tape Mixtape Light and Centerpieces, I take great pride in the construction of my product. Several sellers have copied the idea and pawned it off as their own, so I sincerely appreciate your support and purchase directly from Break the Record.

The idea came to me in 2011 when someone purchased a Vinyl Record Clock from me for her unborn son's nursery. It was a retro themed nursery and I thought "wow, what could I make out of cassette tapes for a retro themed bedroom, nursery, or even a party?" My first thought "every baby's bedroom needs a night light!!!!" So I got out some of my old cassette tapes from the early 90's and started experimenting. And the Cassette Tape Night Light Lamp was born! You will love this Retro Lamp Rainbow Colored MixTape Lighted Centerpiece Cassette Tape Night Light Lamp and it makes the perfect party centerpiece.

One custom designed LED light base with 16 powerful LEDs, 12 Upcycled very rare blank cassette tapes and one CD handcrafted into a super fun rockin' retro light. The very rare cassette tapes used have nothing printed on them, so it has a very sleek clean look. The effect is beautiful and plenty of light to be a calming room lamp, nightlight or mood light in your bedroom or living area.

Use in a bedroom as a night light or a living room to give some color and character to the living area. Great for parties or just as an everyday table accent lamp.

Standard U.S. plug.

Approximately 8 inches tall. 4 inches by 4 inches wide.