Set of 10 Blue Mixtape Cassette Tape Lighted Wedding Table Centerpieces 80s party retro rock n roll wedding

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This listing is for a quantity of 10 BLUE Mixtape Lighted Centerpieces. Need the perfect music themed wedding centerpiece? Check out this Mixtape Cassette Tape Lighted Centerpiece with blue LED lights.

Impress your guests on your big day with this retro rockin' BLUE centerpiece light!

As the ORIGINAL creator of the Mixtape Lighted Centerpiece, I take great pride in the construction of my Cassette Tape Lights. If you are looking to order several, I have the ability to create unlimited quantities for the largest events. The idea came to me in 2011 when someone purchased a Vinyl Record Clock from me for her unborn son's nursery. It was a retro themed nursery and I thought "wow, what could I make out of cassette tapes for a retro themed bedroom, nursery, or even a party?" My first thought "every baby's bedroom needs a night light!!!!" So I got out some of my old cassette tapes from the early 90's and started experimenting. And the Cassette Tape Night Light Lamp was born! You will love this Retro Lamp Rainbow Colored MixTape Lighted Centerpiece Cassette Tape Night Light Lamp and it makes the perfect party centerpiece.

8 repurposed very rare completely blank cassette tapes and one CD were handcrafted into a super fun rockin' retro table centerpiece holding battery operated BLUE mini LED lights. Batteries included with purchase.

Your guests will be fighting for who gets to take one home from their wedding table.

*********Can also be made to hold water in case you want to add fresh flowers!*********PLEASE ADD NOTE AT CHECKOUT IF YOU WANT THEM TO HOLD WATER.

This light measures approximately 4 inches long by 4 inches wide by 5 inches tall.

*************All of my Cassette Tape Lights are handcrafted to perfection. I only use LED lights which produce zero heat. *****************

I have these lights available in many different colors and sizes as well as some pretty cool stuff made from vinyl records. Go to: