Black Gold 30 Birthday Essential Decor Talk Thirty To Me Party Cups Set Stylish Double Sided Design Reusable Eco-Friendly Plastic Drinkware

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Elegant, black plastic cups with metallic gold text “Talk Thirty To Me”, printed on both sides. We know, becoming thirty is a big change. Take a deep breath and remember you have ten years of “30’s” to get used to it. So get your party started with these stylish party cups!
A great birthday party is one where all the details are planned out, even the small ones, this is why these birthday party cups are a must-have. We put maximum effort in bringing you the best birthday essentials, this is why we have a whole matching set with the “talk thirty to me”. Complete any birthday party decoration with these unique party cups that will easily match the rest of the theme or any other elegant party decoration. And since you'll be busy hosting, this disposable plastic cup set will make clean up quick and easy.