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The 3D printed Beer Mug with Foam cookie cutter has been crafted for durability and quality. All cutters designed, engineered and tested by a fellow cookie enthusiast. Cutters feature a fine cutting edge and cut through dough cleanly.

This Beer Mug with Foam cookie cutter is also available in an Octoberfest Set. Listing here -->

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Cutter size is determined by the largest dimension (height or width) of the design. All sizes are approximate as some will vary slightly depending on the shape. Please message me if you have questions on precise dimensions.

Custom cookie cutter sizes available on request.

All cookie cutters designed with fine edge for precise cuts.
Use as a cookie cutter, fondant cutter or gum paste cutter.
Also works great with polymer clay or ceramic clay!

All cookie cutters are Frosted "vivid blue" unless otherwise noted. Color is subject to change based on material availability.

Printed on a 3D Printer using biodegradable PLA filament. PLA, or polylactide is made from corn starch or sugar and it is biodegradable. It is the most environmentally friendly material available for this type of 3D printing. Facilities all around the country accommodate PLA as recyclable and compostable material. No heavy metals.

Made exclusively in the USA.

Hand wash only! Not dishwasher safe.

Ships via USPS.

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