GLOWING PARTY PLATES 10 Inch Large Square 20 Count Reusable Plastic Clear Disposable Glow Stick Neon Colors Kids Birthday Multi Color Sticks

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Product Info

The Ultimate Neon Party Plates
Ready to light up the night? Start with your snack table. This Glo Pro Glowing Party Plate Kit comes with everything you need to throw a neon glow in the dark party, whether you’re turning on a black light or just turning off the lights.

These 10-inch plastic dinner plates are big enough for serving a full dinner or sharing dessert. Plus, the heavy-duty, food-grade plastic is super sturdy, and it won’t bend under the weight.

Our square plate has raised edges to create a neon glow stick border and prevent spills. They’re also easy for little hands to hold – perfect for kid’s birthday parties and children’s glow parties.

Reuse, Refill, and Keep Glowing
The Glo Pro neon party kit comes with 20 plates and 80 colorful glow sticks that snap into place around the rim. Unlike most glow in the dark party supplies, these glow party plates can be reused and recycled. Simply remove the glow sticks, handwash your plates, and start planning your next black light party!

We’ve updated the design to fit standard 8-inch glow stick bracelets, so you can order glow stick refills from virtually any retailer.

GLOW CRAZY: Shine even brighter with Glo Pro glow in the dark party supplies. These glow party plates add a fun neon style to your snack table with 7 mix-and-match colors.

ULTRA-STRONG: Our glow in the dark party plates are made with heavy-duty, food-grade plastic. Plus, the 10-inch square party plate is large enough to serve a full dinner.

REUSABLE: Remove your glow sticks, wash the plates, and save them for next time. You can refill them with any standard 8-inch glow stick bracelets to keep the party glowing.

ONLY FROM GLO PRO: These neon party plates have a patent-pending rim that makes it easy to snap your glow sticks into place. No one makes glow party supplies like Glo Pro!

GUARANTEED: Throw a glow party to remember and purchase with confidence. The 20-piece plate set comes with 80 glow sticks that work for at least 8 hours, guaranteed.

Quick Questions

What’s in the box?
Set up your neon glow party table with 20 10-inch dinner plates and 80 assorted glow sticks to light up every side.

What neon colors are included?
Mix and match 7 glow stick colors: red, blue, green, pink, purple, orange, and yellow.

How long will they glow?
Glo Pro glow sticks are guaranteed to glow with vibrant, bright colors for at least 8 hours.

How does it work?
Simple! Just crack and shake the glow stick, then insert it into our specially formed patent pending plate rim.

How does it come?
Our glowing party plates ship in a retail box and are great for gift giving. Take The Party To The Next Level!

Even Better with Black Light
Snap four glow sticks inside the patent-pending plate rim to illuminate clear, heavy-duty plastic.

Never Stop Glowing
Glo Pro black light party plates can be reused with any 8-inch glow in the dark bracelets.

Glow in the Dark Party Decorations
Check out our matching Glo Pro neon glow stick party cups to complete the look.