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Chandler, Oklahoma, United States

About Polkadot Printables

Polkadot Printables can create unique, custom printables to match any theme or color scheme. Whether it’s for a child’s birthday, wedding shower, classroom, graduation or anything in between, Polkadot Printables will deliver exactly what you’re wanting for your unique and special celebration because you’re in charge! Everything we create is 100% customizable!

What is a printable? I’m glad you asked! A printable is a digital file (JPEG, PDF, etc.) that is custom designed for you and then delivered to your personal email address. Once you’ve received your files you’ll be able to download them and print them right from your home printer. You will also be able to have your files printed at the printing or photo lab of your choice (i.e. Walmart, Target, Walgreens, etc.)