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Seoul, Korea

About Paperholic

One dark and stormy night, a sleep deprived mom decided to take action and make her thoughts into reality. Wielding a leaky pen and some old scratch paper... Paperholic was born!

Well... it wasn't exactly dark and stormy, but it was raining. (I hope that counts, but it really did feel dark and stormy at the moment...) My kids were bored, and I was at my wits end searching for fun activities they could do. It was at this moment I had a flashback to my childhood and decided to create my own fun crafts & decorations like in my youth. Combining my childhood nostalgia and degree in Design, Paperholic was created as a tool to help embellish your child's forever special events.

All my designs are hand drawn, scanned, and brought to life with the help of Adobe Illustrator. Each item has been printed and tested to guarantee your satisfaction. My goal is to provide fun and adorable printables that will bring sparks to your parties, homes, and hearts. Thank you so much for dropping by my shop.

So let's make tons of smiles with paper & ink one sheet of a time!