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Double the Fun Parties

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Atlanta, Georgia, United States

About Double the Fun Parties

Planning your child’s birthday party is a way of saying, “I love you. I’m so glad you were born!”

But party planning also can be overwhelming. So many choices, so little time. How can you make it special? LET ME HELP. Double the Fun Parties makes birthdays easy.

You CAN create a party without …

- Breaking the bank.
- Going to the same old bouncy-gym-game-pizza place.
- Buying every licensed character item in the party store.
- Turning yourself inside out trying to do it all.

Make your party something your child will always remember because YOU made the party. If you’re a busy mom who knows WHAT you want but not HOW to get there, I can give you a road map. A guide. A party plan. Or even a party kit if you want extra help. And if you need even more hand-holding, I can create something custom.

Let’s lessen your workload and double your fun. Because a birthday party should be more than just amazing decorations and dessert tables. They should be, you know, about your child. They should be fun.