Party Recap

This party all started with foil wrapped bunny statuettes. To me, they said vintage Easter and I took that in a shabby chic direction.

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Nicolle of Libby Lane Press created an Easter collection around the bunnies using blues and yellows. I adore what she created — don’t forget to pick up your free printables at: http://bit.ly/HfajYm.

I tried renting vintage furniture for the first time and it was a blast to find just what I needed at a local antique store.

Furniture rental isn’t inexpensive, but it’s also not outrageous. So if you have a vision you are really committed to, I’d vote for exploring furniture rental. Our table, chairs and sideboard were all rental pieces.

The green beverage cart I found on Craig’s List for $15 and the white tea table was a $2 garage sale find. (See how I painted it: http://bit.ly/HfRnWR.)

I suppose working with Libby Lane Press and remembering her ripped fabric backdrop gave me the idea to use torn fabric as one of our unifying decorative elements. I used fabric left over from other parties, and supplemented it with a few new purchases. Just make a small cut about every 1.5 inches and rip.

Decorating the girls’ table may have been the most fun part of the planning. It was so small that I had to think about tall elements. I filled my biggest apothecary jar with plastic eggs, added foil bunnies, and wrapped Izze soda in torn fabric. The idea for the framed egg came from J and J Home. The polka dot egg plates are from WalMart and the table runner fabric is the backdrop left over from my Wizard of Oz party.

Wind demolished our backdrop, but our little guests modeled my bunny frame (tutorial: http://bit.ly/GEw0kJ) and Nicolle’s banner.

Our guests had a bunny hop race and egg roll before breaking for lunch and treats. To make our egg roll and bunny hop course, I took three spools of 2-inch ribbon and tacked it into the ground with floral pins. (The pins can pop out if someone trips on the ribbon, so make sure your guests keep their shoes on and watch the course.) Give your guests a countdown and see who can push their egg across the finish line first!

Don’t you love this menu that Nicolle designed? We had oodles of chocolate and vanilla cupcakes topped with miniature cookies, Nicolle’s party circles, and robin’s egg candy … that is, before they were felled by the wind. The remaining food included deviled eggs, carrots and dip, ham and cheese cresent rolls, strawberry soup, key lime cake, and carrot cheesecakes (topped with mini cookies).

After lunch, the girls filled their eggs. They played a little more while I hid the eggs and then the hunt was on! I included coupons for the Bunny Store –- items that wouldn’t fit in the eggs. The girls loved the store! (Full credit for the bunny store idea goes to Family Fun!)

Our favors were one of my favorite children’s books, The Country Bunny. It’s a story from 1939 of how a kind, wise and brave mama bunny becomes an Easter bunny. It seemed really perfect for our vintage take on Easter.


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