• Jill T

    Jill T wrote:

    So cute! What did you use for the backboard? Is it wood or cardboard covered in fabric? How is it attached to the table - leaning or otherwise? Thanks!

  • no photo

    Alicia M wrote:

    What program do you use to create all the signs and food cards?! Im a cricut user but i just cant seem to find a program that does the printed work well!

  • Wakawoo E

    Wakawoo E wrote:

    Jill - I use 3 pieces of plywood connected by hinges so it can bi-fold easily for storage and it sits in a slit of 2 planks of wood that are attached to 2 T shaped legs...hopefully that wasn't too confusing

  • Wakawoo E

    Wakawoo E wrote:

    I'm a mega cricut gal too!! For this party I didn't end up using the machine. I designed everything in Adobe Illustrator...AMAZING program!!! It creates vector images so the quality is always superb =)