• no photo

    Samantha F wrote:

    where u get the stuff for the shirts like this idea for my child were having power ranger party also

  • Amarilis F

    Amarilis F wrote:

    Could you please tell me where were the t-shirts ordered from?

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    Paige B wrote:

    Hello there! I really like the shirts, can you please let me know who made these? Thank you!

  • Alexandra H

    Alexandra H wrote:

    Would like info on how to make the shirts please.

  • Kristen A

    Kristen A wrote:

    What a cute idea! Can you send me the info on how you did the shirts please?

  • Catherine W

    Catherine W wrote:

    I would love to know what you used to make these shirts.

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    Jessica C wrote:

    I have to do this for my son's party!!! Please any tips help!!!

  • Andrea F

    Andrea F wrote:

    Are there details on creating any of these things somewhere? I'm new to this site! I love these shirts.

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    Samantha N wrote:

    Would love to know how you made these shirst!

  • Riley P

    Riley P wrote:

    Can you please give me the info on how you made the t-shirts? They are so darling!!!

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    Linda J wrote:

    These shirts are great! Could you give me more information on how you did this?

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    Tuyet H wrote:

    How'd you do the shirts"

  • Sarah P

    Sarah P wrote:

    My son would like shirts like these, did you purchase them or make them? Thank you!

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    Sherita B wrote:

    How do you make these shirts?

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    Savannah R wrote:

    Hi. Love your party. I want to do the same. Can you tell me where you ordered the shirts from?

  • Ana M

    Ana M wrote:

    Does anyone know where the shirts are from?