• Candice P

    Candice P wrote:

    this is fantastic, from where, in sri lanka we dont have any of these

  • Erin G

    Erin G wrote:

    i have been looking for cutouts everywhere online, where did you find these?

  • Christine B

    Christine B wrote:

    Erin, I made them from thin plywood. You could do the same with an overhead projector and thin plywood, cardboard, or insulation board.

  • Christine B

    Christine B wrote:

    Did you actually draw the cutouts? Or, did you have them printed and glue on? I'm stumped on how to make these. Any help would be much appreciated!!

  • Christine B

    Christine B wrote:

    I used an overhead projector to project the images onto plywood, jigsawed out the image, sanded the board, and painted the characters. For the boards with the text, those are just painted with vinyl lettering on them that I cut with my Silhouette Cameo.

  • Dawn H

    Dawn H wrote:

    Hi Christine B, I know your baby girl's party was a few years ago, but do you remember what size your plywood cut outs were? Also would you consider doing cut outs if paid???