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    Lani K wrote:

    what all did you put on these platters? A lot of the stuff is obvious but some I can't tell! What are the dips too?

  • Lauren J

    Lauren J wrote:

    Big Bird is just Pineapple. With pepper slices and a blackberry for the yes. Elmo is cherry tomatoes, with carrots for the nose and black olives for the mouth and eyes. Oscar is broccoli and sugar snap peas, carrots for his eye brows, black olives for his mouth with a red pepper and Cookie is blueberries with blackberries for his mouth and eyes. The dips are a vegetable dip and also a fruit dip which is vanilla pudding mix, milk and whipped cream!!! Yummy! You can also put Amaretto in it but we opted not since it was a children’s party :)