• Ivory S

    Ivory S wrote:

    I LOVE THIS! Is it candy all the way through

  • Kim G

    Kim G wrote:

    Inside, are alternated, stacked paper plates hot glued together.....the instructions called for styrofoam circles, but I just couldn't pay for them!

  • Denise N

    Denise N wrote:

    i like this idea can u tell me is it candy all threw do you give instructions

  • Kim G

    Kim G wrote:

    Hi Denise, The instructions called for styrofoam circles, but I thought that was too expensive. First I took dinner size paper plates and hot-glued them together face to face, bottom to bottom until they were the length of the candy bars. Then I did the same with dessert size paper plates for the middle layer. Then I cut a paper cup to size, turned it upside down, and glued on as the top layer. I hot-glued 2 -3 candy bars on at a time, placing the line of glue on the paper plate edges. I used reeses mini cups to fill in the top of each layer, gluing them on with a dot each.